Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Return of the King (of Oblivion)

Hello my fans out there.  I am back after two weeks of nothing.  I am sorry about that.  One week my computer freaks out and another week it is in the shop.  So yeah, that happened.  Outside of that I have been working and I have been also doing an audition for another Horror themed indie game.  I don't have a name to give yet but I will when I know and if I get the part.

Now on to the video I am posting.  It is a work in progress of an episode of the Oblivion Machinima I stared in.  Cavious Varro (the protagonist) is a former assassin (a member of the Dark Brotherhood) that is on a path of redemption through Elder Scrolls IV: Obilivion's story missions.  James Seren (the creator (https://www.youtube.com/user/ElderscrollsTheater?feature=watch)) also made original characters as well that I have grown to love through what I have done so far.  Now apparently I was replacing the original actor due to...whatever reasons.  I have been given permission to share this and it is an interesting show.  I really like the story of the show after going through what I have gone through (sorry folks, no spoilers from me).  I recommend giving it a watch and support James Seren.  More support may help get these episodes out faster.  Watch and enjoy...

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