Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Detective Scarlet's Indiegogo Campaign

So here is the fund raising link for the Indie Game: Detective Scarlet.

Go ahead and start giving funds to the little guy.  The more money that comes into these games, the better quality they can be (no guarantee though).  The game itself is kinda based on the basics of L.A. Noire (different quality, obviously) but the alpha stages are starting look good.  So as I said go ahead and support, especially if this game appeals to you.  Read the Indiegogo campaign for more information.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Week, Another Acting Gig

Well a week has gone by and for a bit I was wondering what to write.  Luckily for me I was offered another acting gig doing an indie game called Detective Scarlet.  The game is being developed by Ronnie Bell and will be on Kickstarter in a week or two.  From what I do know it is a detective adventure.  Seems simple enough but all I have seen are the alpha stages.  I will be playing the small roles of a suspect and possibly the narrator (that is still being discussed).  I will post a link to the Kickstarter when it is ready.  Outside of that there isn't much else to update.  I feel kinda bad that I don't have video to share this week but maybe next week I will have something.  But in the mean time enjoy this cover picture for Detective Scarlet.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My first character demo

I have been sharing this for a while. I made this character demo during my first year acting. As a note, when I made this video I had no video clips to use so I had only my audio files and pictures of either the characters I was playing or pics of the closest things I could find. Also it came out clear as day when I made it but when I transferred it and uploaded it the quality went to hell. Listen and enjoy.


The Silent Council - Timeline: Resurrection Holocrons

Here I was a narrator as a Sith Lord telling about the key tool for the council, Resurrection Holocrons.  Enjoy.

Resident Evil: Legacy of Tricell

Here is an episode I was on for Resident Evil: Legacy of Tricell.  Sadly the show got cancelled due to lack of interest from the public and lack of work from some of the actors.  I played a helicopter pilot and I also did a villain in the following episode but I don't think it was produced.  Enjoy episode 2 of Legacy of Tricell (for episode one look it up on youtube, it is in 3 parts).

Timdiana and I review...The Thing that should never have been made

Nuff Said really.

Tomb Raider: The King Arthur Project

Here is a video of one of my earlier works.  This is Tomb Raider: The King Arthur Project where I played the archeologist and historian Jean Yves (real dude, who knew).  If you are not sure which in the video it is...I am the only guy there so that should simplify things, lol.  I was praised by the creator Simon S for my duplication of the original actors voice...except I actually had a French accent, lol.  This is just a gameplay video from StevenSvorticher playing the game (hard to find videos of my work sometimes), so check his youtube page as well for support.  Watch and enjoy.

The Shattered War

Here are a couple of trailers for the upcoming mod Dragon Age: Origins the Shattered War.  I am in teaser trailer 2 for those who are curious. Watch and enjoy.  Amstrad Hero ( is a good a great programmer and please support him.  As for a release date...I don't have that yet.

The First Day on the Blog

Hey.  My name is Patrick Dunn and I am a professional voice actor.  I have been working as a Voice Over Artist for over 2 years (at the time I wrote this blog).  I officially started on the Bioware Social Network ( doing various Dragon Age: Origins mods (both finished and unfinished).  It is there that my first vocal project was published, The Craggy Island.  I spent time working there and it is there I also met Dahlia Lynn.  She and Daniel Marney Elkins helped me with trying to further my career.  They eventually led me to the VAA (Voice Acting Alliance ( and there I got involved with numerous projects.  Many of those projects include: Tomb Raider: The King Arthur Project (as Jean Yves); Follow My Ruin (as Jason Sanders); Shattered Heaven ( (as General Pertencia); Invocation of Awesome, LLC (as the Gravy Chef); Resident Evil - Legacy of Tricell (as Gary the Helicopter Pilot and Cole the Mercenary Leader); The Red Wolf (Kano/The Red Wolf); Dragon Age Origins: The Shattered War (as Garroth); an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Machinima (as Cavious Varro); and a Halo: Reach Machinima (as Commander Samson).  I am currently working for Awkward Minds, Inc. playing the starring role of Richard Reynolds in their upcoming game Depth: The Fall.

Outside of my acting work I also do the occasional movie and video game reviews.  You can find some review with Timdiana on Bliptv ( or on Angry Joe's Forum ( as Maleficent5.  I generally go by the screen name Maleficent5 so if you see that it is probably me.  With that I also do some random writing of both original works of fiction (The Maleficent Saga and The Hell-Seeker stories) or various fan fiction for the heck of it.  I don't think I have published anything outside of Legacy of the Void on The Silent Council site (Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild).  That is about it.  I will be back next Tuesday or so to update about both Depth: The Fall (if there is anything to update) and whatever is going on in my acting life.

See Ya, Love Ya, and Good Night.