Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Apologies for being a day late.  Got wrapped up with stuff yesterday and completely forgot.  Well not much going on this week.  Looks like I may have a day job and I did an audition for another indie game, another survival horror type with a Silent Hill vibe (sure seems to be a few of those around, lol).  But with nothing exactly new I decided to share something old.  I have mentioned Azure-Productions before and it is a group I am particularly fond of.  They have one major project and one minor (I have been on both).

Let's start with the minor one, Follow My Ruin.  Follow My Ruin is a story following a girl who is disowned by her large and powerful family for going against what they believe is their ways.  They own a major weapons developer and there are hints that they are not the most ethical people out there.  After she is thrown out of the company and the family she meets with some random party girl and after a series of random events find themselves with Preserve, a group who wishes to expose the company for what it is.  She joins and there we have the basis of Follow My Ruin.  I played Jason Sanders.  The "straight man" of the group.  I first appeared in either the second or third episode, honestly can't remember.  The quality is actually good and I suggest you give it a listen.  Sadly it is either put on hold or cancelled due to the other project and the steam it gathered.

Azure-Production's major project is Shattered Heaven.  I am not completely familiar with the story but in a nutshell, Mechsuits.  It is a lot like Gundam, Armored Core, Robot Jocks, etc.  The series has had a couple of novels, an animated series, a radioplay, and is continuing to grow.  I had a part in the animated film Shattered Heaven: Sins of the Soul (I think...or was the novel, lol).  I played General Howard Pertencia.  Again this is decent from what I have been able to check out and again I think it is well worth looking into.  To learn more about Shattered Heaven, Follow My Ruin, or just Azure-Productions go to their website:  Enjoy.

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